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Since opening, we have been creating exquisitely engineered, eco-conscious stone surfaces (which more closely resemble fine pieces of art, given Vetrostone's quartz, exotic sea glass, and seashell composition). Our company's desire to manufacture derives from a common vision and commitment to provide a sustainable product unlike any other on the market today! Unlike marble, granite, or other engineered surfaces, Vetrostone™ is environmentally safe, non-porous, and resistant to scratches, stains, heat, and even everyday wear and tear! And because our products are created with UV inhibitors, the possibilities for interior and exterior applications are endless.

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Why Vetrostone?

At Vetrostone USA, we operate to the highest standards of performance and advocate socially sound and environmentally sustainable business practices. Without sacrificing quality and the needs of our environment, customers, and future generations, our aim is to bring a positive benefit to society by producing exquisitely engineered stone surfaces, made with 60% re-purposed materials, and 40% natural resources.

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