Our Company

Since opening, we have been creating exquisitely engineered, eco-conscious stone surfaces (which more closely resemble fine pieces of art, given Vetrostone's quartz, exotic sea glass, and seashell composition). Our company's desire to manufacture derives from a common vision and commitment to provide a sustainable product unlike any other on the market today! Unlike marble, granite, or other quartz surfaces, Vetrostoneā„¢ is environmentally safe, resistant to scratches, stains, heat, impact resistant, crack resistant and even everyday wear and tear! The possibilities for interior and exterior applications are endless.

By committing ourselves to technological innovation and sustainability, we help to reduce our consumption of new materials, as well as to help reduce the waste that we create as an entire population. Thus, we have been utilizing raw and re-purposed materials for decades, truly bringing technological innovation and quality to the forefront of the stone industry. Our focus has been on providing a quality product, while maintaining a natural ecological balance in our direct environment in order to preserve the planet and its natural systems and resources.

Our company's commitment to exceeding both industry and global standards has proven unmatched for decades. So, whether for indoor and outdoor kitchens, bathroom vanity tops, wall cladding, table tops, shower walls, etc. our exquisitely engineered stone surfaces will inspire your living spaces and enrich your overall design.

Our Philosophy

As more industries respond to meet the demand for goods and services through mass production, it becomes inevitable that our planet's natural resources and energy are being used up at extremely perilous rates. However, we must act consciously, and adopt 'green' practices, under all principles in order to maintain the natural ecological balance in the environment, and preserve earth and its natural systems and resources. Therefore, we must take steps forward, whether big or small, to minimize our footprint.

At Vetrostone USA, we operate to the highest standards of performance and advocate socially sound and environmentally sustainable business practices. Without sacrificing quality and the needs of our environment, customers, and future generations, our aim is to bring a positive benefit to society by producing exquisitely engineered stone surfaces, made with 60% re-purposed materials, and 40% natural resources.

Green 'Within'
Our company prides itself on innovation and modernity in order to stay ahead of the rapidly changing times. Therefore, we make every effort to incorporate green practices, under all principles by responsibly utilizing re-purposed materials, natural resources, and water efficiency within our manufacturing facility.

We, the Vetrostone USA family, proudly stand by our products, offering a vision, quality, and our utmost commitment!

Environmental Stewards

While manufacturing new products depletes our limited natural resources, and disposing of unneeded materials pollutes our environment, Vetrostone USA understands the need to adopt green practices, under all principles so as to maintain the natural ecological balance in the environment, and preserve its natural resources.

Vetrostone USA has proactively committed itself to becoming environmental stewards by identifying buying and using items that are reusable as a 'priority method' of handling materials. Our company utilizes surplus products, which would otherwise be discarded by those who no longer need them, to reduce our consumption of new materials and reduce waste that we inevitably create as a population. Vetroslone USA products comply with Rule 1168 of California's South Coast Air Quality Management District's Volatile Organic Compounds (VOC) limits, which are mandatory requirements set by U.S. Green Building Council's LEEDĀ® program's Indoor Environment Quality category. Our manufacturing facility adheres to all 'green space' regulatory requirements.

As well, our company actively supports initiatives for community development by identifying the needs and concerns in the direct surrounding areas, subsequently strengthening the local economy. Through local employment, purchasing from local suppliers, working with the direct community, and offering new opportunities for fabricators, architects, designers, builders, and home owners alike, Vetrostone USA prides itself as a socially and environmentally sound organization.

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