For polished, honed or brushed surfaces, caring for the stone is simple and requires minimal effort! Do not use harsh cleaning products on the stone. Rather, use a mild or Neutral pH balanced soap to preserve the natural beauty and luster of the Vetrostone. However, for tougher grime, soak area with a warm water and neutral soap solution for a few minutes. Proceed to wipe away soiled area with preferred cloth or sponge. It's just that easy!

Using harsh, bleach-based products is not necessary since Vetrostone is engineered with antibacterial agents that will not harbor its impermeable surface. However, if you would like to sanitize the surface, we encourages the use of natural products whenever possible. Using a small dilution of hydrogen peroxide and warm water will serve equally as well, and is a greener alternative.

Vetrostone surfaces are virtually nonporous; therefore, Vetrostone does not require laborious care or maintenance to preserve the stone's natural beauty.


Vetrostone products are ideal for both residential and commercial application when installed according to Vetrostone USA guidelines and practices. Vetrostone USA, Inc. certifies that their product lines are stain, heat, and ultraviolet (fade/color resistant when exposed to sunlight) resistant.

You may access the Vetrostone USA warranty by downloading the link below.

Vetrostone USA Warranty

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